Frans Mulder – Fragments in Time

6 September, 2017

Frans Mulder

‘Deconstructive fragments in time/dreams/desires. These are works that reflect the dynamics between the final form and myself. I use my technical ability to create images; I then rely on the eye to dismember them, and intellect to reassemble them to complete the creation. Occasionally I use the overdrawn images to solidify the dialect in the work, and create a third element.” – Artist Statement

This collection of works on paper is an exciting new direction for Frans. With more than 40 years of experience in creating art, he faces the brutal honesty of a fragmented life in the 21st century, using himself as an occasional subject.
Between these fragments, the artist and society find their niche and acceptance in life and then continue to live in it. Frans connects these fragments with, sometimes, just a few intuitive lines, binding them together into perfect balance. This resembles the senses through which we evolve our reality and perceptions; it also reflects the way that we as humans can use different parts of our being to make up the whole.

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