Newsletter #4 April 2017

20 April, 2017

As Early Bird ticket prices draw to a close within a few days, don’t miss these three exciting new additions to the programme; a heartfelt presentation, a première of a marionette theatre for adults and an Oscar-winning documentary.

Dawid’s Return – A presentation by Patricia Glynn
In 2011 Patricia set off for the Kalahari to find traces of a long-dead Bushman, Makai Kruiper – a legendary mystic, hunter and healer who roamed ‘The Thirst Land’ a century ago. By her side was Makai’s grandson, Dawid, a man as legendary as his forebear. Dawid was 76 years old and easily the most famous Bushman in South Africa, not only for having featured in numerous films, documentaries, books and academic studies, but also for the most celebrated human rights victory for the Bushmen of Southern Africa. In 1999, Dawid and his Khomani clan won a land claim against the former apartheid government and turned their ancestral home into what is now the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (KTP).

In Dawid’s Return, Patricia will talk about what she witnessed on this trip. She also discusses how winning the land claim did not necessarily result in a new and profitable life and the help that claimants need in managing this complicated process. This talk is in the afternoon, following the presentation by John Parkington on the Rock Art of the Western Cape.
Date: Saturday 17 June Time: 14:00 Venue: Municipal Auditorium

Boomkastele – Marionette vir grootmense
Schalk Schoombie is ‘n akteur, dramaturg, joernalis en skrywer. Die verhaal is ‘n verwerking van sy 2015 debuutroman as “poppekasteater vir grootmense”. Die opvoering word in samewerking met die marionettemeester Johan Swanevelder en komponis Herman van den Berg opgevoer.

Die verhaal wat met marionette in ‘n spesiaal geskepte poppeteater voorgestel word, vertel die moderne sprokie van ‘n afgetrede navorser wat wraak sweer nadat sy buurman twee reusagtige bome tussen hul erwe laat afkap. Die poppespel word ondersteun deur ‘n klankopname met stemkunstenaars, klassieke musiek en byklanke en duur sowat 60 minute.
Ons is bevoorreg om die eerste openbare opvoering van Boomkastele by FynArts aan te bied.
Datum: Saterdag 17 Junie Tyd: 11:30 Plek: De Wetsaal, Onrus

Seaching for Sugarman
This film of the search for an early ’70s Mexican-American songwriter , rock ‘n roller Rodriguez, needs little introduction. Rodriguez became a huge hit in South Africa, then disappeared mysteriously and was widely rumored to have died. The story of the two South African fans who set out to learn the man’s true fate, was made into an Oscar-winning documentary. One of these two fans, Craig Strydom, will be present at the screening to discuss their search and answer questions.
Date: Saturday 17 June Time: 15:30 Venue: Municipal Auditoium