Onward and Upward

17 November, 2015

The FynArts programme is growing by the day and so is the structure. This year the festival moved out of the Tourism Bureau incubator and has taken its first steps towards independence and sustainability. In August this year, a Constitution was adopted at a meeting of Founder Members at the Marine Hotel. The document has been submitted for registration as a Not for Profit Organisation. The Advisory Board of Christopher Hope, Marilyn Martin, Richard Cock and Mandie van der Spuy continues to offer invaluable advice and support. This body was joined by the formation of a Management Committee. The media team has been extended and formalized.

FynArts also focuses on the development of art through a number of initiatives. These include limited heavily-subsidised seats at a range of workshops, demonstrations, talks and concerts. Tickets are offered to new and developing artists and other people nominated by local community organisations and schools from nearby areas Hawston, Zwelihle and Mount Pleasant.

Earlier in the year the FynArts Development Fund was launched. Surplus from festival events will be invested in a Trust Fund with the aim of extending the educational outreach component. The Overstrand Municipality fully supports this goal and partnerships with other organizations within the Overstrand are currently being investigated. A longterm goal is to secure premises that will serve as both an exhibition venue as well as a venue for a range of art-related community needs.